Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse


This has to be my first time using up a whole bottle of foundation in less than 2 months! Even though this foundation isn’t the newest on the market, I recently discovered it  and decided to give it a try.



  • Long-lasting
  • Great for dry skin


  • Not a variety of darker shades
  • Wouldn’t recommend for oily skin

(New) Dove DermaCare Scalp Pure Daily Care 2n1


I am so excited about receiving the NEW Dove DermaCare Scalp Pure Daily Care 2n1 from Dove Hair! Along with the product, they included $2 off coupons to be given to my family and friends whose interested in purchasing.

I had been having problems with dandruff for the past month so I was excited when BzzAgent invited me to be apart of this campaign! After using the product and blow drying my hair, I realized that there wasn’t as many flakes I would usually have after a wash. Normally a couple days later, the dandruff would get worse and be noticeable but this didn’t happen after I used Dove DermaCare Scalp Pure Daily Care 2n1.

This is a great product for dandruff that I will continue purchasing!

Special thanks to BzzAgent and Dove Hair for giving me this great opportunity to review this product.


Declutter Your Makeup


Have you girls ever heard of minimalism? I’m pretty sure you have, but if not it’s basically living with less to have a simpler lifestyle. You can start by decluttering your clothes, makeup, even negative thoughts. When i learned about minimalism, i thought it was a great idea especially from me wanting to live a simple life. I’ve always been the type of girl to have a lot  of clutter and be unorganized also.

Now I’m ready to simplify every aspect of my life and I’m starting with my MAKEUP! I’m tired of holding on to those broken eye shadows that no longer serves a purpose in my makeup collection! Its time to let GO!

  • The objective is to minimize your makeup to only the things that you use and throw out or giveaway the rest! (Hard, but possible!)

1. Gather all of your makeup together

It’s time to gather all of your makeup products together. Whether it’s in containers, drawers, your purse, put everything together where you can see all of it.

2. Time to declutter

Go through all of your products to see if you want to keep, throw away, or giveaway.

Some questions you could ask yourself is:

  • Is this product some good?
  • Do I use this?
  • Do I love this product?


3. Find a place for each product

Now you can find a place for each product to go. You have already sorted out which products you want to keep, throw away and giveaway. So all of the products you want to keep, place them neatly wherever you plan on storing them. The items that you want to throw away, dump them in the trash, and everything that you’re giving away, find the perfect family member or friend who would love it.  If it’s new, you could also sell  it!

Now that I’ve decluttered my makeup, its time to move onto clothes! If you would like to see how I declutter my clothing also, be sure to comment! Thank you!

My Makeup Brush Set: Warm 88 Palette Review

I received a lovely gift yesterday and I’m so excited about it! I have never tried My Makeup Brush Set brand before, but when I tried out the eye shadows, I was so blown away! They are very pigmented and smooth, I think I’ve found a new favorite palette!



ABOUT THEM is a site where they sell durable, high quality makeup brushes for a reasonable price. They also have other products such as eye shadow palettes, matte liquid lipsticks( which I can’t wait to try!), and many more great cosmetic products!

The Warm 88 palette is my type of go-to palette! I love wearing neutral colors and playing with different golds. It’s so amazing how these shadows glide onto you skin without any fallout!


I highly recommend that you girls try this brand! I can’t wait to get more of their products and review them!

Love Lakiera❤️

How to get FREE makeup?

Who wouldn’t take advantage of getting free makeup? I know it seems too good to be true, but it’s actually possible. There are many ways you can get free makeup without spending any money! I have tried most of these tips and I’ve received free makeup with a couple of them like through couponing and especially review websites! You can too! Here are tips on how you can get free makeup!

Join freebie sites!

Some websites offer samples and sometimes even full size products to be sent to you through the mail. All you have to do is fill out a form online and they’ll start sending you free samples!



Enter into contest and giveaways!

Many beauty bloggers and youtubers have giveaways for their followers and subscribers, offering plenty of great beauty products! What can you lose just by entering into their giveaway? You may even win!


Sign up for rewards programs!

Have a favorite makeup brand? Checkout their website and see if they have a rewards program you can join. Most brands have programs where they’ll give you a free product for your birthday and samples.


Use makeup coupons!

Couponing is one of the most popular ways to get free makeup! There are always plenty of coupons in the Sunday paper, coupon sites, and even some make up brands offer you a coupon for signing up. After collecting coupons, keep a watch out for sales on the products. Some products will come out to be free!


Sign up for review websites!

I love review websites because they give you free makeup products so you can give them your honest opinion on them. On most of them all you have to do is fill out short surveys of your interests and they’ll contact you when they have a product they want you to review.


What are your tips on how you get free makeup?

Ruby Kisses Lacey Matte Lipsticks (Review)


Can you believe that these beautiful lipsticks was just 2.99? I purchased them from my local beauty supply store and even had to stop myself from grabbing every color off the shelf.

Since it’s winter time, I decided to go for darker colors and especially since I’ve been looking for a pretty brown lipstick for ages!

Doesn’t these colors just scream Winter?
These lipsticks are very pigmented and long lasting. I was so surprised at how Evening Sky lasted all night! They are so worth purchasing and also affordable!

Which color lipstick is your favorite?💄